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Romans 1:20  For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

What is ASIGN Observatory II?

ASIGN observatory II is a private observatory in Canberra, Australia. It is a non-profit, FREE information resource for anyone with an interest in learning about, observing or imaging the universe through a telescope. 

Now complete,the observatory is available to schools, youth groups and other visitors by appointment. 

ASIGN teaches about the observable universe and instructs beginners how to use telescopes and imaging equipment.

Right: Aerial view of ASIGN Observatory II

ASIGN's mission

"I have seen people's lives change after they have, "seen" for themselves, the astounding things in space through a telescope. Knowing about the planets and stars academically is one thing, but seeing it for yourself changes something. All of a sudden your perspective changes and your problems aren't quite so large. Hope fills your soul and you start asking bigger questions. This first-hand experience and knowledge must be shared with everyone." 

- Barry Armstead, Founder ASIGN Observatory II

* * * Licenced in the A.C.T. Working with vulnerable people * * *

ASIGN Observatory II and the Media

Better Homes and Gardens - Episode 37 - 11 October 2013

MANSPACE TV - Episode 7 - Monday 7th July 2014

ABC One 7:30 Report A.C.T


Left: Better Homes and Gardens television segment on mancaves, including ASIGN Observatory II, hosted by the lovely Johanna Griggs.

ASIGN Observatory has featured in: 

Better Homes and Gardens TV show


The Canberra Times

The Chronicle

ABC Radio Canberra

The Sydney Morning Herald

Melbourne Radio SEN

Radyo Filipino Canberra

Manspace Magazine

ABC One 7:30 Report A.C.T

ASIGN Observatory II - The Complete Construction Movie!


What a way to start 2014!

ASIGN Observatory II's larger dome is now equipped with a much larger optical system to image The moon and planets as well as beautiful and distant deep space objects.

It sits on a brand-new mount with a much higher payload capacity.All accessories have now been aquisitioned so now begins the steep learning curve to tame it!


 Above: Commissioning of the new telescope and mount.

Thanks and blessings to our wonderful sponsors and contributors who helped get the construction finished!

Your donations, physical labour, skills and assistance have helped tremendously to build this project. You are all a part of this fantastic community outreach.

Now the observatory is complete, ASIGN II has had a successful opening night and is now set for many educational and fun astronomy nights including laser tours of the stars and look-through the telescopes. 

On cloudy nights ASIGN II will hold  astro-discussion and education in the dome, Q&Aastronomy doco's and more.

Stay tuned for dates!

Left: Those precious faint photons have travelled so far!

TP of Brisbane, Australia - Engineering

Angelo G of Canberra, Australia - Concreting

Jacob A of Canberra, Australia - Welding

Sven of Canberra, Australia - All kinds of help

Terry of Canberra, Australia - Steel freighting

Jason S of Canberra, Australia - Labour

Prisco M of Canberra, Australia - Backhoe & Labour

Paul K of Brisbane, Australia - Donation

Shevill M of Hobart, Tasmania - Donation

SC of Canberra, Australia - Donation

Logan T of Canberra, Australia - Donation

TL of Canberra, Australia - Donation

DG of Launceston, Tasmania - Donation

Bob R of Wyoming, USA - Donation

Shaun K of Broadford, Australia - Donation

KA of Canberra, Australia - Donation

TW of Canberra, Australia - Donation

DF of England - Donation  

RP of Canberra, Australia - Donation 

VD of Canberra, Australia - Donation

WS of Darwin, Australia - Donation

JL & PL of Canberra, Australia - Donation 

GC of Brisbane, Australia - Donation

WK of   Canberra, Australia - Donation

Logan T of Canberra, Australia - Donation of a bar-fridge

Andrew C of Canberra, Australia - Donation of insulation batts

Jacob H of Adelaide, Australia - Donation

Cathy F of Canberra, Australia - Carpet underlay donation

Pat M of Canberra, Australia - Web banner and logo design

Brians Carpets, Canberra, Australia - Donation of carpet and underlay

Bruce G of Canberra, Australia - Donation of bush-rocks

TF of Brunswick West, Australia - Donation

JI & SI of Canberra, Australia - Donation

Tom Bayly of Canberra, Australia - Carpet donation and  install

Wayne Juckes of Canberra, Australia - Carpet donation and install

Pat B of Canberra, Australia - Donation and painting assistance

Matt R of Canberra, Australia - Door hardware donation and install

Alex J of Canberra, Australia - Donation of light fittings

Pat M of Canberra, Australia - Donation of power outlets

Peter M of Canberra, Australia - Installation of electrical fittings

Hall family of Canberra, Australia - Donation of flat-screen TV

Jack W of Canberra, Australia - Interior fitting assistance

Pat B of Canberra, Australia - Donation of computer desk

MMcG of Canberra, Australia - Donation

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